Registration Tutorial - Anthem

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

Registration Tutorial - Anthem

This tutorial will show you how to create a new broker account on

Your first step is to visit in your web browser, click on the producers tab at the top of the screen, when you get to the broker login page of the broker toolbox, you need to click on Need an Account, Register Now, the first page after you click on that button will take you to your broker registration agreement, read the usage agreement and agree.

If you choose to step one of the processes, Next step is going to be to fill out your name, first and last, your tax ID number or social security number and also your email address, then press the Continue button to confirm your contact information is correct. The alert screen will show up if it is incorrect, you can click on the back button. If it is correct click on continue.

Step 3, you'll create a username and then set a couple of security questions, for questions 1 and 2 it's the drop-down menu, and you right in the answer of your choice, when you've completed that click on Save Changes.

Step 4 is a registration successful screen when you see this page you need to go ahead and check your email because they're going to send you a confirmation with a temporary password to your account.

When you pull up your email you should have an email from the good point, your temporary password is going to be included, so what you're going to do is navigate back to, where you'll put in your temporary password and then create a permanent one.