Healthy Workplace - How to Avoid Unhealthy Food

By Gavin | July 17, 2019

Doughnuts are cheap, easy to share, and very tempting to create.

A healthier work culture tries implementing a no donuts policy that replaces unhealthy snacks with wholesome alternatives, such as fresh fruit and whole-wheat bagels.


Limiting their availability to just a few hours after lunch

If you can't eliminate all the unhealthy snacks in your workplace try limiting their availability to just a few hours after lunch in areas with lower levels of employee traffic, think about also offering a wellness program to anyone who's trying to better their health, have a nutrition consultant, create an individual program for each participant, and set up monetary prizes for employees who hit their target goals.

You can make a huge difference in helping your employees improve their lives by implementing a no donuts rule and other policies that promote a healthy workplace.

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