Health Insurance Comparison - How to Save on Your Health Plan

By Gavin | January 02, 2019

It's no secret that health care costs in this country are rising, and a growing number of employers are adjusting by choosing low premium high deductible plans, while this is a great way to keep upfront costs.

Down higher deductibles could increase costs over the long run for plan members who require more frequent care. The solution shop around many people spend lots of time searching for a good deal on seeing a new laptop or sofa, and just like those products, medical tests, and treatment, tend to vary in cost from place to place.

For instance, a blood test may cost 75 dollars at one facility and $250 at another, you'll see many different costs within an individual market for MRIs knee replacements and other tests or treatments as well. Prescription drug costs may also vary widely even between two pharmacies within the same square mile, but doing price research on medical products and treatments isn't as easy as couch shopping, no one wants to spend time calling around to different medical providers or pharmacies, so choosing a health plan that offers online price comparisons for in-network providers will help employees easily understand their options.

For example, our online cost estimator tool makes it simple to plan healthcare spending in advance, even if your specific health care plan doesn't give you access to such a feature, there are many third-party services that will help compare costs between different providers. Just be careful to stay in-network shopping around to make informed.

Healthcare decisions is a reality now, thanks to online tools that do the legwork for you, you make these choices for your workforce, but you can offer them the resources, they need to find the right price.