Anthem Student Registration - Simnet

By Gavin | October 22, 2018

I'm going to be walking through the process for student registration for Simnet today from within a Moodle course, so as a student, i'm logging in and my test instance is I t1000 McGraw-hill test, so we're pretending this is a course that is using Simnet.

I'd have my course here, and on the right-hand side, I've got my McGraw Hill campus link, and this is what I'll use to get into Simnet with single sign-on, so my instructor has already selected and paired a Simnet course for this Moodle section, so now I just need to click on the Simnet zoom greater button, and it will automatically pull my information from Moodle, and put me into the correct section, it looks like I've got one assignment in this demo course that I've created, so I could just come in and start doing my work at any time, I want to go back to the learning management system which is Moodle, you just click on back to films, and it will take you back to the McGraw-hill campus page, from which you could click out of all.

That was pretty simple, that's the student registration process for anthem students using Simnet.